This page includes an intro and unique info about this beastie. For more info that is relevant to all of the Gloom creatures go to Beasties.

The wolf is a creature of the Gloom. While there's a wolf on your lands you can't do actions around him (including designing actions). In order to banish a Gloom wolf you need to hit him 5 times, each time costs one energy. You can banish a Gloom Wolf by using a Silver Arrow and one energy. Once the wolf is gone you can continue do what ever you like, as long as there are no more beasties on your land.

First Encounter

You first meet a Gloom Wolf after you build Maiden's Tower. The Duke will tell you to fight the beasties who comes to attack your kingdom and you will see two healthy Gloom wolfs right by your Maiden's Tower.


A wolf might appear when:

  • Feeding animals
  • Tending flowers
  • Cutting down trees


The Gloom Wolf sometimes drops: