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Wool Tunic

Itchy piece of clothing.


Buildings required:

Materials required:

Crafting time:

  • 18 hours

Crafting Process

You will need the following raw materials:

  • 75 Wool (Collect by feeding Adult Sheep)
  • 2 Red Feathers (collect by feeding Adult Peacocks)
  • 2 Blue Feathers (collect by feeding Adult Peacocks)
  • 4 Alchemist Powders (collect by visiting neighbors kingdoms)

Use the 75 Wool to craft 25 Wool Threads in the Studio. Each Wool Thread uses 3 Wool and takes 5 min to craft. Total crafting time = 2 hrs 5 min

Use the 25 Wool Threads to craft 5 Wool Cloths in the Studio. Each Wool cloth used 5 Wool Threads and takes 2 hours to craft. Total crafting time = 10 hrs

Use 1 Red Feather, 1 Blue Feather and 2 Alchemist Powders to craft each Dye Kit in the Studio. Total crafting time = 4 hrs

Finally craft the Wool Tunic. Total crafting time = 18 hrs

Hint: To speed up this process have more than 1 Studio.

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